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Fiermonte Museum


Everything revolves around Love.
A mad, free and tragic love
that conquers all, even death.

That between Antonia Fiermonte and the artists René Letourneur and Jacques Zwobada, titans of stone and fire.

That of Fouad Giacomo and Antonia Yasmina Filali for the grandmother they never knew, an extraordinary woman who disappeared too soon, whose art transcends space and time, finally returning home to her native region: Apulia.

An empathic, poetic, creative art.

That becomes a tale in the Fiermonte Museum in Lecce. The story of a Woman Artist, who sums up beauty, talent and passion.

The story of a Friendship between two of the most significant exponents of 20th century sculpture in Europe. The story of modern and contemporary artists and intellectuals, but also a place of dreams, of evasion, of overcoming oneself in subliminal poetry.

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A bridge between the past and future,

the Fiermonte Museum consists of works from the Fiermonte family's private collection, taking visitors on a kaleidoscopic journey through 20th-century art.

With bronze and marble sculptures by Letourneur and Zwobada to drawings and paintings by Fiermonte on display, the museum makes use of new technology, including holograms and augmented reality, to bring a sensory dimension to this extraordinary narrative.

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A museum like no other,

the Fiermonte Museum is not simply a place to visit, nor is it merely a cultural hub of ideas that is open to exhibitions, workshops and artistic residencies: it is also a house to live in.

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The art
al of staying in.

Staying in one of its four thematic suites is like sleeping inside a work of art - a living story that offers a truly immersive experience.

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To see, touch, and immerse

themselves in the works of these incredible artists, offering them the chance to be creative themselves through painting, modelling clay, or generating sounds and videos.

The Nocturne Suite is dedicated to music, inspired by Antonia’s work as a violinist and Zwobada’s as a cellist; the Peplum Suite pays homage to cinema, specifically the work of Antonia's brother, Enzo Fiermonte, who was a famous actor; the Avant-garde Suite is inspired by the paintings of Antonia, Letourneur and Zwobada, and the Marbre Suite is dedicated to the sculpture of Letourneur and Zwobada.

An immersive

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In the Baroque town of Lecce,
the Fiermonte Museum has recently been renovated.

It is a must-visit for cultured travellers, lovers of beauty, creative spirits and anyone who wants to discover a unique art collection. However, that is not all.

Visitors can also stay in the museum and experience it behind closed doors - perhaps even in the muffled silence of night. Each of the four thematic suites is dedicated to art and characterised by a dominant colour: lapis lazuli blue in the music-themed Nocturne, Pompeian red in the cinema-inspired Peplum, emerald green in the Avant-Garde Suite dedicated to painting, and tones of pistachio in the Marbre - a homage to sculpture.